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caleb duarte

Embassy of the refugee in Burning Houses. Tijuana Mexico three month oral history, performance sculpture. 

Video Compilation Walking the Beast. EDELO projects where the United Nations Used to Be. 

Zapantera Negra “If I devoted all of my life to one of its feathers, the Kunsthalle Wien Museum Austria, Vienna. Video Caleb Duarte.

 Walking the Beast. 2014. Four week mural and sculptural performances at two immigrant safe houses at the Mexican southern border. La Casa Del Buen Pastor in Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico and La 72, Tenosique Tabasco Mexico. With lead artist Caleb Duarte, Saul Kack, Mia Eve Rollow.. Crossing the Suchiate River Guatemala Mexican border. Murals in collaboration with Central American asylum seekers at La 72 refugee safe house. Photo Caleb Duarte

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