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NO PASA NADA. Slang translated as , "Don't worry, Nothing will happen." Was a one hour performance inviting audience members to balance a slab of cement attached by ropes to the structural beams of the colonial building of El Cerrito Gallery in San Cristobal De Las Casas Chiapas Mexico. The balancing slab was accompanied by a performance by artist Mia Eve Rollow. Rollow had to balance her knees and body  in collaboration with audience members attempting to lift the structure.  Artist Rollow is paraplegic and is in constant detachment to the earth. The cracking of the wooden beams and ropes echoes the balancing of Mias limbs to achieve a moment of silence. This work is accompanied by traditional Mexican Healer Francisco Hidalgo as he guides audience members into collective breathing exercises. His image instructional videos are projected at the galeries patios during the performance.

no pasa nada2.png
no pasa nada26.png
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